What really goes into grass fed beef?

Posted on June 25, 2023

☘The grass we feed our beef isn’t what you think☘

Our grass fed beef is reared on diverse herbal lays. This is basically a mix of different species of grass, legumes and herbs.

Within each field of what looks like just grass, you will find 5 species of grass, 5 species of legumes and 3 species of herbs.

This blend offers many benefits for the cows 🐃

The variety of grasses provides energy, protein and fibre. Plus the legumes provide a large amount of protein and offer some additional anthelmintic properties. Anthelmintic properties means they keep the parasitic worms at bay. This is without destroying the good worms. There will be a whole post on what we’re doing for the soil and worm population!) Finally the herbs provide a large amount of natural minerals from the ground. This method of grazing means we have much less reliance on buying in any additional feeds to supplement the cattle we rear.

Intra-muscular fat is one of the key things for quality flavour and texture. This is what presents as marbling in the meat. This is achieved through the breeding and the carefully selected bulls we have. Once you have that foundation, then the grass based diet we feed truly enhances the flavour 😋

Aberdeen Angus as a breed really thrive on a grass grazing system like this. This means we can create the perfect, sustainable product that is good for you, good for the environment and tastes wonderful too! 🌍

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