Cotswold Angus

Bennetts Farm is home to our Aberdeen Angus cows. They are bred, born, grazed and raised right here. Our innovative, sustainable farming practices mean that we are doing our bit for the environment too. Plus, our customers can purchase knowing they’re doing their bit as well!

  • Healthy soil
  • Very healthy cattle
  • Happy and healthy people

If you want quality, tender meat, minimal food miles (it’s food metres not food miles!) and depth of flavour, then look no further than our own Aberdeen Angus. We offer a quality, grass fed product with minimal food miles and high herd health.

The herd are bred, born, raised and grazed right here on our farm in Leighterton, keeping the food miles to an absolute minimum. It’s more like food metres!

Grass Fed – what does it mean?

The cows and their calves, plus our 2 bulls, Reggie and Ronnie, are turned out from March-October, and longer if the weather permits. We have a rotational grazing system in place so the cattle constantly have fresh, luscious, nutrient-rich grass in front of them every day that they are outside. It’s a system that not only benefits the cows and the quality of meat, but is also helping us reduce our carbon footprint. Check out this blog to learn more about grass fed beef.

The soil found under pastures like ours retains high levels of carbon and organic matter. We commit to aiming to continually reducing our carbon footprint. So you can enjoy healthy, good quality, low food-mile beef, knowing it isn’t damaging the environment.

Health benefits

There are also a whole plethora of benefits to grass fed beef, for us as consumers.

Meat from grass fed animals boasts elevated levels of healthy fats, vitamins and minerals and is leaner than beef from grain-fed cattle. One of those good fats it offers is omega-3, the memory boosting super fat!

Not only is it great for your memory, but it’s also known to protect the heart and blood vessels from diseases. Plus it can help improve circulation and prevent blood clots!