About Us

Bennetts Farm Shop is the innovative creation of husband and wife duo Simon and Tara Best. They are first generation farmers forging a new path and offering an appealing retail solution. They’re both passionate about local, quality, sustainable food. Subsequently this trio certainly becomes apparent throughout the shop.

The couple aren’t new to running a business. They have both successfully grown businesses since 2014. However, this is their first joint venture. Subsequently, Bennetts Farm Shop truly blends Si’s knowledge of Agriculture and beef production and Tara’s expertise of marketing, launching and business growth.

Si started growing his herd in 2014. He started with just a couple of Aberdeen Angus calves and renting a barn. One of those original calves, Tufty (pictured below), is still part of the herd today! Now the couple have a herd of 100 Aberdeen Angus cows, with their own breeding bulls, Reggie and Ronnie.

Si and Tara are true locals, with Si even growing up in Leighterton. They’ve always loved and lived in this area. They even both studied locally, at the world-renowned Royal Agricultural University located in nearby Cirencester.

They live on site and are very much hands on with farming and running the shop. Their date nights and days out even include planning their next steps in business! The conversation often goes towards growth and expansion and offering an even better experience for their customers!

Finally, they are truly committed to spreading the word about the benefits of choosing local, quality food that has been sustainably produced and is of high welfare status, all of which you’ll find at Bennetts Farm Shop.