A little about the Beef you find in store

Posted on June 15, 2024

All beef in our shop is our very own 100% grass fed Aberdeen Angus, which we rear from start to finish here at Bennetts Farm. It is bred, born, raised and grazed by us. We achieve the 100% grass fed diet by allowing the cows and calves to graze our luscious grass fields during the summer months, and in the winter they eat hay and silage, which is just preserved grass, that we make here. So we don’t need to buy in any additional food for them, or any concentrated feeds. This enable us to know exactly what has gone into every animal. 

You may notice that the beef on display in this fridge has a frozen on date and a use by date. As all beef we sell is our very own, we have had to find a way to manage keeping a constant supply. When we have a fresh beef animal back from the butcher, we have about 400kg of beef to sort, label and sell. The fresh beef that comes back from our butcher has a limited shelf life before it has to be frozen. 

We have noticed that our customers love to come in and purchase steaks to consume either that night, or within the following days, so we found that selling steaks frozen didn’t quite work so well. So for our customers convenience, and to offer a lovely selection, we de-frost our beef and then offer it to you in the shop as de-frosted.

As we only sell our own beef, we do also sell out of some products quite quickly, such as fillet and ribeye steaks. To give you an idea, we end up with 6 packs of 2 fillet steaks from one animal, and we have a very loyal customer base who know to come in when we have a fresh animal back! 

Once de-frosted, it is best consumed by the use by date on the label.

If you have any questions about this, or would like to pre-order please email